Any Questions? Check our FAQ!

When will I get my first executive briefing?

First of all, thank you for subscribing to the AtomLeap Executive Briefing. We are looking forward to sharing the latest with you on high-tech trends. Your personalized briefing, featuring the most recent data, developments, and analysis, will be delivered to you on the first Tuesday of every month.

Can I request a topic, if the one I’m interested in is not featured?

We strive to cover all the relevant combinations of industries and technologies and are continuing to expand the number of combinations that we track. You can see a complete list of the topics that we cover here. If the list does not include your topic of interest, feel free to get in touch with us at

Can I change my previously defined topics of interest later? How?

If you want to change the topics of your Executive Briefing, log into your user profile on our website and go to the section ‘Selection’. There you can edit the combinations of industries and technologies covered in the upcoming editions of your Executive Briefing. You can change the topic of the following month’s edition until the 10th of the current month.

Can I unsubscribe any time, or is there a minimum subscription period?

Your subscription is annual, therefore you can cancel it at twelve-month intervals.

How many topics can I select at once?

You can select as many topics as you like. At the moment, we are covering five different combinations of industries and technologies, a number that will expand in the next months. Naturally, we will let you know when we add new topics to our portfolio.

Where does your data come from? How do you proceed to collect data?

Our data is collected using machine learning algorithms from millions of websites worldwide. Our sources range from individual startup websites to conferences, accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms. Our software then filters and clusters the data, before human analysts curate and analyze the information.

Can I get an invoice for my company?

Certainly. You can access and download your invoice from the section ‘Invoices’ in your user profile. There you can also make changes to your payment details and address.

I’d like to use the Executive Briefing for my team, department, or company. Do you offer any special rates and solutions?

We are excited to hear that you want to spread the knowledge and yes, we do offer discounts and group subscriptions. Get in touch with us at with details about what you need, and we will respond with a quote and a suggested subscription plan.

Can I share summaries with my colleagues, friends or family?

The AtomLeap Executive Briefing is personalized for every subscriber. Resends are therefore not permitted. However, we encourage you to spread the word about us and to to point others in your inner circle to get in touch with us about getting their own bespoke subscriptions.

If you couldn’t find an answer to your question here, just drop us a line at!